Author's Notes

This novel combines fact, fiction, and opinion. The background information is generally fact. The leadership of al-Qaeda, both in Iraq and Pakistan, are based on actual characters. Some of the leaders of the United States, Israel, and Palestine are portrayed under their actual names; others are portrayed under fictional names seemingly based on popular figures. However, all are composite characters, the actions, dialogue, characterizations, and positioning attributed to all the characters in this novel (actual, composite, political, religious, medical, etc.), and the portrayal and actions of these organizations are pure fiction and are a figment of the author’s imagination.

 Other aspects of the book are based on historical reporting garnered from literary writings, periodicals, newspapers, and broadcast media. This book is accurate to the extent that that those original sources are factually accurate and to the extent that the memory of the author is accurate. Some time sequences of actual events have been changed to conform to the flow of the novel.

The speeches attributed to al-Qaeda leadership are composites of actual remarks and speeches by al-Zawahiri, Bin Laden, and al-Zarqawi. These remarks are original verbatim quotes and are shaped to support the storyline. The assassination attempts are pure fiction, although the weapons and technology employed exist in some form or other.

It is difficult in this type of novel to separate fact from fiction. Where there is a conflict in the reader’s mind between fact and fiction, it would be more prudent to resolve the conflict on the side of fiction.