The Book : The President’s Ultimatum

THE PRESIDENT”S ULTIMATUM explores what could happen if the United States steps in with a bold challenge to settle the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.


Israeli undercover agent, Ari Bugari, is infiltrated into Iraq. After Iraq is defeated by the Coalition Forces, Ari, who is of mixed Jewish and Muslim heritage, is recruited by al-Qaeda at the direction of Shalom Eitan, Mossad director general. Meanwhile, In order to establish his legacy and win the war on terror, Gerald W. Burke, the 43rd president of the United States, gives the leaders of Israel and Palestine an ultimatum to resolve the conflict on his term—or else.


Determined to abort the peace initiative, Ari is tasked by al-Qaeda leadership to assassinate Burke. He pursues Burke across three continents, and when Hannah Meir, his former lover, re-enters his life, Ari has a moral conflict with his role. Tensions mount when his al-Qaeda and Israeli masters question his loyalty. Caught between these two forces, Ari becomes the hunted quarry, and he and Hannah are forced into hiding when he learns the explosive truth that underlies his relationship with al-Qaeda and Director General, Shalom Eitan.


Kathy Romano, Homeland Security analyst, tasked with tracking down President Burke’s assassin, follows a labyrinth of clues that lead to a shocking discovery that could forever shatter the friendly relations between Israel and the United States.


 As Ari and Hannah run for their lives, and as Kathy Romano tracks down Burke’s assassin, President Burke is in a race against time to save the peace initiative, his life, and his presidency.


The novel both entertains and informs, but in its rawest sense, this thriller is a tale of adventure, intrigue, deception, betrayal, revenge, and redemption—entwined with the poignant love story of Ari and Hannah.


The Book : LMCTW

John Giordano, the former US attorney who successfully prosecuted the five NY crime families—known as the Commission Case— in the trial of the century, is selected by the president to run as the law and order candidate for the NY Senate. Working at the attorney generals former white shoe law firm as the chief litigator, Giordano smoothly makes the transition from the countries premier prosecutor to a high priced litigator representing corporate clients. He meets all the political movers and shakers that will secure the senate seat against his opponent—Michael Marotta, the Manhattan district attorney.


Giordano’s life gets complicated when he receives a visit from his former lover, Paula Fasano—the grand daughter of a Mafia Don—with whom he had a secret love affair thirty-five years ago while she was engaged to her husband to be, James Fasano—the grandson of a Mafia Don. The marriage, arranged by to two Dons to protect their positions in the NY Crime Commission, was meant for their deal to be sealed in blood with the birth of a grand child.


Accused of first-degree murder of her husband and facing the death penalty, Paula asks John to be her defense attorney. The powers behind his candidacy discourage him from taking the case. Believing Paula is innocent and picking up where they left off thirty-five years ago, Giordano takes the case, alienating the Attorney General, and the President, his two most ardent supporters.


The trial pits Giordano against Marotta in a fight to the finish which culminates into a riveting courtroom confrontation that not only will determine the fate of Giordano’s lover—Paula Fasano—but also Giordano’s quest for the Senate nomination. But the trial has its complications as Giordano soon realizes that in all his years as a litigator, he had never had such a personal and emotional stake in the outcome of a trial.


As events race to a climax, and forced to deal with the devious tactics of the prosecutor, and the impartiality of the presiding judge, Giordano concludes that Paula will be found guilty. Fearing the worst, he sanctions the only move that will assure his lovers acquittal, even though it violates the law and every tenet of decency. And if it ever came to light, his destruction would be complete—politically, financially—and he would unquestionably join his lover in prison.

Facing this explosive truth, Giordano is forced to question the very legal and political system that he believed in and spent most of his life defending. But in the end all these issues are surpassed by the love of two people destined to be together, no matter the price and the outcome.


LMCTW is a tale of murder, deceit, betrayal, and revenge, entwined with the heartbreaking love story of John Giordano and Paula Fasano.